How A Lyme Disease Peer Support Group Works:

What I REALLY needed while I was recovering from Lyme Disease and suffering from isolation was a service that:

  • Introduced me to other people recovering from Lyme disease that had similar symptoms to mine.
  • Organized & facilitated regular calls so that we could support each other on an ongoing, consistent basis.
  • Allowed me to get support from the comfort of my home. A lot of days I didn’t have the energy to leave the house.
  • Provided the opportunity to learn from others recovering from Lyme disease, which would save me time, energy & money!

The model that fit our needs best was the Peer Support Group model. Here’s how our peer support groups work…

STEP 1 - Share Your Lyme Story & Symptoms

Once you register you will be sent a short & simple web form where you can send us your story and symptoms. We need this information so we can match you with support group members that can relate, support you fully and ultimately help you the most.

STEP 2 - Choose A Day & Time For Group Meetings

We will send you the available days and times for calls and will work with you to find a convent day & time for your meetings.

STEP 3 - Just Show Up To The Virtual Meeting

Once your 8-10 Peer Support Group members have been chosen, we will organize a private weekly video meeting. All you need is a computer & an internet connection.

Each member has 10 minuets to ask a questions, vent and get feedback from the group. The calls are lead by one of our trained facilitators & are very structured to avoid one person dominating the conversation and to keep things positive. All you have to do is show up.

Step 4 - Going Deeper In The Virtual Meetings!

The first call in your peer support group will be about getting to know each other. You’ll each have the opportunity to share your story, your frustrations & your goals.

After that, each week we’ll follow the “hot seat” model, where each attendee each week gets 10 mins of full focus from the entire group to ask a question or get feedback. Some weeks you may need to vent, others you may have a question about recovery and some weeks you may have personal questions related to Lyme (relationships, emotions, work etc).

Your Group Format: Specifics On How It Works...

We run our peer support groups based on the therapeutic peer support model, which is widely used by healthcare professionals and all of those CEOs & celebrities use in their peer support groups (aka “Mastermind Groups”).

The only difference is that we’re doing it virtually instead of in person. The format is simple:

  • The facilitator starts by welcoming everyone and setting the tone
  • Each attendee in the Support Group Circle will (virtually) take the “hot seat” for their 10 min slot.
  • When in the “hot seat” you have the entire focus of all attendees.
  • You may use this opportunity to ask a question, express a challenge, share some news or just vent.
  • Then your group mates – if requested – can contribute with their experience.
  • Only one person may talk at a time.
  • The facilitator will be tracking the time and will call time at the end of the 10 mins.
  • At the end of your 10min, the next person then gets the hot seat.

Over time more trust is built and more vulnerable topics are brought up. Friendships will be forged. You may start having private calls on the side with the group members you connect with most. And at the very least, you will CHERISH those 10 mins each week where you get to open up and fully share everything thats on your mind, your heart & your shoulders!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have groups with individuals young and old. All races, background & beliefs. All personality types: introvert/shy or extroverts. Some are technically savvy, most are not. It really is for ANYONE recovering from Lyme.

We have groups with individuals ranging the entire Lyme spectrum including: trying to figure out if they have Lyme, just started treatment, just finished treatment, newly recovering, long-term recovery (2-20yrs) and many people who are 100% better.

Yes! Completely private. Everything said is 100% confidential and the calls will never be available to the public.

We found from personal experience that its easier to space out or get distracted when its a traditional phone call. Video keeps every member accountable to ensure they aren’t checking their email or petting the dog while you’re sharing in the “hot seat”.

Its important that group members see that you are present and listening to them so we all keep our video on at all times.

If you feel that you don’t align with your group for whatever reason, we’re happy to find you a more suitable group. That being said, its often the individuals that you may not connect with at first that you end up learning from in the long term.

A recent study found that 97% of people who use online support groups are “lurkers”. Lurkers are people who read messages, occasionally ask questions and take value but never contribute to others. We want to surround ourselves with individuals that are committed to their healing so we can heal faster. Research also shows that individuals who invest a small financial sum will take it more seriously, show up and contribute to others. The fee is a great way to weed out the lurkers who are just looking to take.

You’ll find full details on our Get Support page.

You don’t need to be good with technology. We will send you everything you need. Beyond that, all you need to show up with is a computer, decent internet and a great attitude. 🙂

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