You Don't Have To Go It Alone With Lyme Disease...

The nature of any chronic illness that it can be very ISOLATING.

We don’t have the energy to be around people. The medical system has been unhelpful. Friends and family often pull away because they can’t relate. The whole Lyme disease experience can feel unsupportive, lonely, sad & frustrating.

Research shows that this isolation is detrimental to our recovery and overall happiness. Humans aren’t designed to be SO isolated for extended periods of time.

But we get stuck in isolation because counseling is too expensive, the message forms were are depressing & we don’t have the physical energy to regularly leave the house & attend an in-person support group.

We desperately needed an affordable & convenient service that would eliminate the isolation, help us heal faster and facilitate feeling better day-to-day. So thats what we created:

BeatLymeDisease hand-matches individuals with similar Lyme symptoms & experiences. We then facilitate regular online conversations using the therapeutic peer support group model. Attendees leave feeling understood, supported and connected.

The research shows that individuals heal faster and enjoy more of the journey with a peer support group. We’d love to create those results for you!

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