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Lyme Disease Treatment and Chronic Lyme Treatment Information

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Lyme Treatment

There are many ways to treat Lyme and no ONE CURE for Lyme disease.

Lyme treatment philosophy for most conventional doctors is to pump you full of different antibiotics (inadvertently overloading the patient.) Each antibiotic given is to kill the Lyme disease in the different stages of the bacteria life cycle.

Lyme treatment for some conventional doctors (the smarter ones) will include some immune boosting therapy like taking a probiotic or Vitamin C.

If you’re looking into Lyme treatment because you have Lyme, it’s safe to say you need more than just a probiotic and Vitamin C to get you “cured.” I also believe that it takes more than just antibiotics to cure Lyme.

Lyme is a disease of opportunity. If your immune system or any metabolic system is not functioning optimally, you need a series of Lyme treatments that is UNCONVENTIONAL.

Let’s get one thing straight. Doctors, like my grandfather who is 96 and is retired, really went by the Hippocratic oath…”First Do NO Harm.” Their “conventional” methods are seemingly unconventional since most doctors are NOT hands on. Most would rather prescribe something (the latest and greatest) a drug representative comes in and tells them to prescribe.

There is NO magic PILL. There is NO one solution or cure to this problem. Unlike cancer, which can be zapped in many cases, Lyme is bacteria. Lyme disease treatment is tough and multi-layered.

If you have Lyme disease you can get conventional Lyme disease treatment if you catch it quickly (within a few weeks of the bite.) If you don’t, you’re like most “Lymies,” trying to find a cure.

Let’s get to the facts of Lyme Treatment.

Conventional Lyme disease treatment involves drugs like: doxcycyline, amoxicillin, ceftriaxone, and minocycline.

What’s interesting is that most doctors who prescribe these don’t have a plan for the die off. “Die-off” is when Lyme dies and your body becomes overloaded with neurotoxin waste (poison.)

Vitamin C IV, chelation, orally taking charcoal, rebounding on a mini tramp to get the waste through your Lymphatic System and OUT is what’s needed to combat this poison. But nobody tells you these things.

Often with this type of Lyme disease treatment, the side effects from antibiotics weakening an already weak immune system and the waste from the Lyme is way worst than actually having Lyme disease.

So, use caution with conventional Lyme treatments.

The antibiotics will never get all of it. It’s only when your immune system can finish the job is when you have success. Long term antibiotic Lyme treatment may make you Lyme resistant to drugs. That is another thing to think about.

Lots of “Lymies” seek alternative Lyme disease treatment. Some include: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (yes, oxygen kills bacteria, fungus, mold and parasites), infrared sauna, rife machines, salt and C protocol and supplements. These are just a few alternative Lyme disease treatment options. Of course, there are others.

My sincere belief is that with my success in treating Chronic Lyme disease (with co- infections), now being healthier that I have ever been in my entire life and continuing on with an athletic career, I can say that my problem with Chronic Lyme is much like everyone else’s. I had to chip through the “health problem layers” to resolve the issues with Lyme.

I’m currently receiving no Lyme disease treatment and have not been in several years. Everyday I’m healthier than the day before.

My Lyme treatment consisted of conventional methods for 4 months and then completely unconventional for 3 years (at a steady clip.) I’ve obtained my wildest dreams of a full recovery.

Even though Lyme treatment is a difficult maze, it can be mastered. You just have to “out smart” the disease.

If you’re wondering why some people stay sick while a few recover? I believe it’s information. You either get poor advice and/or you become complacent. Good advice leads to steady progress and recovery.

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